Most Indian brides are as excited as nervous about their trousseau. Today planning a trousseau can become stressful with so many options in hand. ALLAMODA helps the bridal family to customize that PERFECT TROUSSEAU!

Soojata ensures while your shopping is being taken care of, you also get to relax and gain the whole experience. Be it dining at the finest restaurants, enjoying a relaxing day at a spa or exploring the city anywhere in India

ALLAMODA becomes a definite advantage for NRIs who are most often overwhelmed while shopping in India.

Trousseau planning includes:
Helping the bride/groom with every minute detail of their trousseau and wedding clothes.
Creating the right look for the bride/groom's family for each occasion.
Organizing an exquisite packaging to display the brides trousseau.
Bridal gift registry: ALLAMODA ensures the couple receives gifts that are truly useful for their new life style together.
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